DC-Projects optimizes the presentation of services and products, online and offline, digital and printed.

We conceive and develop powerful, safe, flexible and sustainable solutions, with vision and a keen eye for detail.

Our experience, up-to-date knowledge and continuous interest in:

corporate identity & graphic design,

website design and application development,

intellectual property law,

interaction & interface design,

and 3D & animation, VR & AR;

allows us to shape ideas and develop the best possible solutions.

Meticulous and specifically tailored to the target group of the customer and of course completely appropriate for the customer. Not hindered by specific development platforms nor rigid methods.

With DC-Projects you are in good company with, among others: de Koninklijke Federatie van het Belgisch Notariaat (Fednot), Uitgeverij die Keure (publisher), Catholic Church Flanders, Group Van Damme, Talint Tax Compliance & Advisory, Huis Empire Brugge, Uitgeverij Halewijn (publisher), Hockey Club Patria Aalst (HCPA) (pro bono), Gantoise Hockey Tennis en Padelclub (pro bono), SKKILLS, some advertising agencies, interesting startups and more than 800 notary offices.

Fine people, a matter of dialogue, to understand and motivate each other.
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